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» » Torture Room - Leftovers (2017)

Torture Room

Date of Brutal Death Metal
List the songs:

1. Muhammad Was Gay 03:08
2. Haitians, Fuck Off! 02:20
3. I Will Not Accept Your Bullshit & You Fucking Freak (Anal Cunt Cover) 01:54
4. Freedom? 03:55
5. Social Justice Warrior Syndrome 00:34
6. Mind Slavery 01:57
7. Killing Wiggers 01:40
8. Glamorization Of The Wicked 05:38
9. A Big Life Full Of Nothing v1.0 04:32
10. A Big Life Full Of Nothing v2.0 04:34
11. Bonus Track 04:43
Torture Room - Leftovers (2017)
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Torture Room
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Full album
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